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What Matters Most: The Method, the Media, or Both?

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I’m registered to attend The eLearning Guild‘s first conference on mobile learning, mLearnCon (mlearncon on Twitter), which takes place (as of today) next week. I’m looking forward to meeting online colleagues face-to-face and exploring this “new” media and how it affects the instructional design of mobile learning activities. So, before my brain gets filled with discussions on mobile media, I’ve been pondering our teaching methods, that is, how we approach design in general, and turned to one of my favorite evidence-based researchers, UC Santa Barbara’s Dr. Richard E. Mayer. (If you must, here’s the Wikipedia article.)

I’ll assume you have some knowledge of his publications, and you know that he emphasizes finding out how learners learn, and then choosing the most effective instructional design methods first, and then consider the media (technology) you’ll use to deliver the learning activities. Method first, then media. As I re-read some articles, I tweeted a few quotes from Dr. Mayer. A few people joined in on Twitter, and I wanted to share our brief discussion with you. Mobile devices are powerful and addicting. Will this media overpower instructional methods?

Begin at the bottom of the image and read up. What do you think about method, media, and mobile media in particular? Feel free to chat by posting a Comment.


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  1. Via LinkedIn, Patti Shank just left me the following comment. I’ve downloaded her eBook, will give it a read, and will continue the discussion.

    LinkedIn Network Update

    Jenise Cook,

    Patti Shank has just left a comment on your network update:

    “I wrote an article about that… it’s here:

    . Let me know what you think…”

    Jenise Cook

    The question that I am most interested in is how can you teach in ways that promote transfer. Richard Mayer #mlearning #elearning #mlearncon

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