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IMG_0384.PNGHow do you tell stories? Do you even think about it, or about sharing business stories? Does your business tell its stories? Do you see yourself as a storyteller?

All my life I’ve been fascinated by stories. I’ve read, listened to, and told stories. In the corporate world, I felt great satisfaction when I could tell business stories in e-learning projects as the primary instructional designer. Recently, I began investing more time doing deep dives into the art of storytelling.


I want to improve my skills to be the best storyteller I can be, to tell your business’s story and, eventually, to tell other people’s personal stories beyond the corporate firewall.

“Leading with Stories” on

One of my storytelling deep dives is with Paul A. Smith through his course on

I completed Paul’s course and want to share a few of my notes with you:

  • Everyone loves a good story.
  • Tell stories not just as an “ice breaker”, but for your main content.
  • Experience is always the best teacher; tell stories to make key points memorable.

When’s a good time to tell stories? Anytime.

  • Sharing your vision, mission, values (establishing the culture)
  • Making recommendations
  • Giving a sales pitch
  • Presenting (Venture Capital presentation, for example)
  • Encouraging collaboration and creativity

Create your story

  • Structure your story (have a beginning, middle, end)
  • Use:
    • emotion
    • surprise
    • metaphors and analogies
  • Keep it real

What’s in it for You?

Based on what I’ve learned from Paul, I’ve created a Ridge View Media proprietary template that I can use with my storytelling clients. It will help me help my clients to craft an engaging and memorable story.

Contact me today! Let’s talk about your story, business or personal, and how we can tell it to your world!


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