Happy New Year 2016! – How to Create New Chapters in Life

Photo by Dariusz Sankowski, on Pixabay.com

Photo by Dariusz Sankowski, on Pixabay.com

Many have already extended their Happy New Year 2016 messages. Mark and I sincerely wish you the best in 2016, especially the opportunity to work with you.

The middle of this month seems like a good time to make an announcement. Mark and I have been, and are, scheming and planning, and slowly putting into action new opportunities for this year and beyond. We are going to write some new chapters in the book of our lives.

Yes, we are still available for your learning and development contract opportunities. Of course, our established clients are always welcome to contact us for new projects.

We are excited about our new opportunites, and look forward to sharing them with you before the end of 2016. (Maybe by this summer!)

How to Create New Chapters

For those of you, dear readers, who wonder about our “New Chapters” process, I can share a few ideas if you wish to do the same for you. We can only say that the below worked for us, and we know you will find your own path.

Life is short, live it, don’t waste it: June 30, 2013, our community of Prescott, Arizona, experienced a devastating, local tragedy when we all lost in one horrible fire, the Yarnell Hill Fire, 19 out of 20 crew members of our municipal hotshot crew, the Granite Mountain Interagency Hotshot Crew. In addition to that tragedy, many other incidents have reinforced in us that some items on our Wish Lists will only stay on that list, staring us in the face, unless we put them into action. Life is short, so we’re stepping out and taking some calculated risks.

Life is fun, enjoy it: I know. The news media, on a daily basis, tells us otherwise. So many heart-breaking tragedies! The sadness of it all can rob us of our joy. We intentionally left the Big City in 2011 and moved to live in Rural Mountain Community, because we needed a change. Now, we see incredible beauty almost every day. The rural beauty has added much fun to our lives, and we’ve taken steps to take in more breath-taking beauty. (Shameless plug for the Grand Canyon… if you’ve seen it once, you need to come see it again and stay awhile. Watch the sunlight play on the canyon walls.) Our intentional choice won’t make us Silicon Valley wealthy in our wallets. It is making us tremendously wealthy in our experiences. We are making more deposits into the Fun and Enjoyment accounts because each delightful experience beckons us to travel deeper, and encourage the growth of more fun in our lives.

Life is simple, get rid of the complications: This one may not appeal to younger readers beginning their own families. And yet, there are many in their 20s and 30s these days who choose the Minimalist Life as well as those who are not in their age group. Things have weighed us down, so we’re getting rid of them to better live and enjoy this short life we have. We are simplifying, downsizing, donating, and setting ourselves free from many things in life. We wish to leave them behind. They belong to the past, not to our present nor to the future.

Life is a gift, give to your calling: We have given to our local communities in the past, and have donated to many worthy causes. We want to shake it up a bit, and respond to some situations that have been “calling” to us for awhile. As quiet Christians, this will be an interesting journey to see where we are led.

How are the chapters in your life’s book? What new chapters would you like to write? Please feel free to share in the Comments section.

Mark and I wish you a 2016 well lived.

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