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Samples of My Blog Writing for Others

My blog and yours. Is there any difference when I write for mine versus when I write for a clients’ blog? None at all. I consider yours just as important, or more so, than mine.

Are you looking to refresh your blog?

I’m excited to share this blog post with you. It’s fun transitioning Ridge View Media to areas of work that I have enjoyed for a long time but did not have as my primary, income-earning focus. Now, I do. As I move back into writing (technical writing, blogging, web content, content marketing, storytelling, creative writing, grant writing) -among other things- my excitement grows. Recently, I found a few blog writing samples, posts I had written in 2010 on a pro bono basis for a colleague’s company. I like how they turned out.

Want to see some examples of my writing for a blog?

Samples: A Few of My Blog Posts for Another Company

Here are the PDF files I created to post on my LinkedIn profile as portfolio samples; select each of the four links to open and view:

I absolutely love to write, and can work with new clients on their business focus, and how they want their content to “wow” their customers! Years ago, I worked briefly as a speech writer, and I can write in the “voice” of another – you, your CEO, your customers.

Do you have a blog that needs fresh content?

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