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Remodel of Ridge View Media Web Site

Thank you for visiting my blog/Web site! I am remodeling Ridge View Media’s site to make changes reflecting my new business focus on writing versus Instructional Systems Design (ISD) and eLearning development. Please continue to read this blog post so you can find current information, such as:

  • Home
  • About
  • Portfolio
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Remodel of URLs

Due to their popularity, I am keeping my old blog posts on Instructional Systems Design (ISD) and on eLearning Development. I had changed their URL structure a year ago, and am changing them back in 2016, to the original …/blog/(post URL) structure.

Remodel: What’s Going On?

I have removed the Main Menu’s Pages (you see in the bulleted list above) from this site, and have copy/pasted their content into this one, stand-alone blog post. The remodel will have new Menu Pages. (My new business focus means a shiney, new web site.)



Jenise Cook and husband Mark Bently Crabbe

Welcome to my business Web site!

I am Jenise Cook, a freelance, remote (telecommute, virtual) Independent Consultant. I’m available now for your projects!

Learn More About Jenise and Ridge View Media’s Solutions

Under Ridge View Media, I, Jenise Cook provide you with evidence-based written, visual, and audio content design and production that tells your story to your audience.

Jenise Cook and Her Non-Business Pursuits

When she’s not working on Ridge View Media’s client projects, Jenise enjoys fiction and non-fiction writing, photography, camping and traveling in their RV, and other fun activities. See more at her personal Web site (under construction in 2016):



Jenise Cook, M. A., Owner

Jenise, simply put, loves to write! She has spread her writing talents throughout various professions such as technical documentation design, instructional systems design, e-learning design and development, and sales/marketing (copywriting). She has focused on solutions for startup/small/moving-to-maturity businesses, and for academics from K-12 up to university level. She has over fifteen years’ experience as a policy and procedures writer, technical writer (Web-based software solutions), classroom trainer, instructional systems designer, and-since 2004-as an e-learning designer and developer. Jenise also has three years’ experience as an adjunct professor of English as a Second Language at the Community College level. Her industry experience includes financial services, health care, and academia with emphases in human resources (benefits and new employee orientation), language acquisition, small translation projects (Spanish to English), compliance/regulatory issues, and almost anything on the Web.

Jenise has worked for Pacific Life Insurance Company, St. Joseph’s Health Systems (through CompuWare, formerly DPRC), Bank One of Arizona, Premier America Credit Union (formerly Litton Employees Federal Credit Union), the Los Angeles Community College District, First Interstate Bancard Company, and Buehler Ltd., a metallurgical equipment firm. She has worked on projects for several other corporations. See her LinkedIn.com profile for more information.

She welcomes invitations to consider regular, in-house; and W-2 or 1099 consulting opportunities in business environments filled with bright, intelligent staff who work hard, are nice to each other, encourage others to grow in their skill set, and take time to have fun.

Her activities in various professional associations include serving as an Examiner, Board of Examiners, for the Arizona Governor’s Award on Quality, and as a volunteer presenter of classroom language acquisition methodology at the annual CATESOL conference in Long Beach. She is past chapter Secretary (2002) of the Orange County chapter of the Society for Technical Communication, and retains memberships in the STC, the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), and the e-Learning Guild.

Corporate (In house) Employment History:

Senior e-Learning Instructional Systems Designer and Developer
Senior Learning and Development Consultant
Senior Technical Writer and Translator
Business and Process Analyst

Graduate of California State University, Northridge, with both a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language and Literature. Certified in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), California State University, Northridge.

Continuing Education:
Jenise has a passion for education, and is always up to studying something somewhere. See her résumé for details. View her blog for stories.

Résumé | CV
Résumé available via e-mail. Send your message to:

info AT ridgeviewmedia DOT com

Or, visit my Profile at: LinkedIn.com Profile.

Ridge View Media (the name)

Ridge View Media, my virtual consulting business, is named after my Cook grandparent’s former dairy ranch in Newhall, (Los Angeles County) California.

They built that dairy, Ridge-View Dairy, from the ground up only a few years before The Great Depression of the 1930s. They served their community by providing quality products, excellent customer service, and volunteer service to their community.

I started my consulting business in their memory. My goal is to continue their traditions of quality, excellence, and service.

Who’s the Little Man in the Masthead Photo?

The masthead image is a vintage photo of my grandfather standing proudly in the pasture of his successful dairy. His dairy cows graze to his right.

Legal Notice

Comments or opinions expressed on this blog are those of the respective contributors only. The views expressed by all those who comment on blog posts and links to all websites do not represent the views of Jenise Cook dba Ridge View Media or RidgeViewMedia.com. Jenise Cook dba Ridge View Media or RidgeViewMedia.com assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained on the blog.


Thank you for your interest in Ridge View Media’s work/portfolio samples. I have the proven skills and experience you need.

Writing Samples

I’m happy to show you my portfolio samples related to writing during a scheduled, private session by sharing my screen. This is a great way to answer any questions you may have, and to help you get to know me and the solutions I can provide as a valued member of your project team.

Contact Jenise today via email:  info AT ridgeviewmedia DOT com

Instructional Design and eLearning Samples

While remodeling this Web site, at this time the only Portfolio samples I have available are related to Instructional Design (ISD) and eLearning Development. You can view these work samples on this (ad-supported / monetized) YouTube Channel:

Select this link to visit my YouTube channel of video samples.

See my comments on this video in our YouTube Channel.

Video Interview – eLearnChat 4: Jenise Cook on Instructional Design

My thanks to Rick Zanotti of Relate Corp. And, RIP Terrence Wing, our dear ATD (ASTD-Los Angeles, CA) colleague. You are still missed very much. (His Facebook page here:https://www.facebook.com/TerrenceWing?fref=ts )

Live on LiquidLearn with Terrence Wing (My blog post from 2010. Terrence asked me to chat about instructional design.)


Services that Jenise Cook provides to you under Ridge View Media come directly from her over 15 years’ corporate experience.

Ridge View Media’s Solutions:

Technical Writing Design and Production
Content Marketing
Presentation Design
Storytelling for Business
Female Voice-Over Talent for your narration projects
Grant Proposal Writer

Tools in Ridge View Media’s Toolbox:

Adobe Creative Cloud
Apple Keynote
Microsoft Word, PowerPoint


RidgeViewMedia.com is very grateful to all clients and colleagues who have given us genuine, heart-felt testimonials.

Beginning in 2008 to the present, celebrate with us as you read the many testimonials from our clients and several colleagues. I put these LinkedIn testimonials into PDF format to make it easier to share these reviews with the world. Our gratitude to everyone! Contact me today to join the growing list of happy clients.


Mobile: 714.423.1061 (USA – Arizona Time Zone)

Email: info [ @ ] RidgeViewMedia [ . ] com



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