One Simple Video to Welcome You to New Adventures

New YouTube Channel Visitors Get Welcome Message

I have a new video on my YouTube Channel‘s Home page, this one is for new visitors. As of 2016, I have retired from Instructional Design and e-Learning Development.

However, I’m semi-retired, moving into a new career!

You can also select the link below:

Welcome to Ridge View Media – for New Visitors

How to Announce New Adventures and Semi-Retirement

Remember my blog post before this one? You don’t? Well, it was awhile ago, so here’s a reminder:

Ridge View Media: Under Construction for Remodel

It’s not easy to announce retirement from one career to move into a new profession plus new lifestyle changes. Not easy, but I did it! I’m excited about our new adventures.

How to Delay Web Site Redesign

I will remodel this web site on this domain. It will take more time than I prefer, as we are studying for certifications and licensing. Plus, learning new software tools. I enjoy learning about WordPress, and have several hurdles to jump through to make this domain dance in new directions. (Hurdles? Dance? Mixed metaphors?)

After many years in Learning & Development, I also need to go back to some online communities to update my status. Why? I’m still getting emails for my ISD and eLearning services, and requests for help from colleagues. Changing my status in these communities will (I hope) save them time and effort, and it’s something I feel I need to do before I redesign this web site.

While I transition, I’ll post news you may want to follow on my Twitter account and on my YouTube channel.


Did I catch you by surprise with my announcement? Do you have questions for me? Feel free to contact me, and I’ll do my best to address your curiosity.

Thank you for your patience and enjoy my new video!


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