Free ISD #1 | Welcome & Introduction

Instructional Systems Design Education | The Frugal Way

Gas prices for regular grade (87) at my local Costco are rising close to $4.70-9/10…well, as of today. And, everyone talks about rising fuel costs just like people talked about rising real estate prices during 2004-2006.

As fuel costs rise, the cost for anything and everything increases. Neighbors and coworkers are cutting back to the bare bones. For some families, it’s really, really tough as there’s too much month at the end of the money. What’s ironic is that now it’s common to share with others what you’ve cut out of your household budget. A few, random selections I’ve heard are:

“Oh yeah, we’ve cut out HBO and Showtime from our cable service.”

“I just canceled the pest control service.”

“We’ve changed newspaper delivery from 7 days to just Sundays, now. During the week, we’ll just read articles online.”

“We’ve started a vegetable garden in our backyard! Want some of my extra tomatoes?”

Limited Money for School

While we weather (and adjust to) the current economic situation, some of us are putting off getting certificates or degrees in online instructional systems design. However, I see an opportunity in all of this! Some weeks ago, I read a blog post on whether it’s really “worth it” to get an advanced degree in ISD.

Cammy Bean and Dr. John H. Curry had several friendly exchanges about this at his blog. Like Cammy, I have learned a great deal on the job and from talented mentors. Now, the fun part comes after you’ve read Dr. John Curry’s entire post. Look at the link near the bottom. See it? An “Aha!” moment!

My Personal Challenge

What a great list of resources! “Dr. John’s” and Cammy’s exchange has inspired me. For the past year, I’ve been thinking of getting my M.A. in EduTech, and I believe I will one day. As a former Adjunct Professor in the Community College district, I support academia whole heartedly. Until then, however, I am going nurture our household budget during these economic times and start on my “formal” ISD education the frugal way.

Thanks to the Internet and our wonderful community of online ISD bloggers, you and I can start our self-study ISD education at any time! The challenge for me will be to schedule the time and “git ‘er done”.

The “Free ISD” Series (Sharing It with You)

So, there. Now I’ve done it. This inaugural post begins a series where I will post the ISD/EduTech resources that I find. It will also serve as my journal to document my progress (or, lack there of!). Will you join me? Want to be a fellow learner or my mentor? I hope so. A graduation party by myself would be kind of lonely.

Yes, I’m “Always Learning”!

Photo credits (under Creative Commons license):

AgentAkit for “Arm/Leg”

Goodimages for “Graduation Ceremony Procession”

UPDATE, May 2016: Did I go get my M.A. in ISD? No, I did not, and that decision did not negatively affect my employment nor my freelance business.