Happy New Year 2016! – How to Create New Chapters in Life

Photo by Dariusz Sankowski, on Pixabay.com

Photo by Dariusz Sankowski, on Pixabay.com

Many have already extended their Happy New Year 2016 messages. Mark and I sincerely wish you the best in 2016, especially the opportunity to work with you.

The middle of this month seems like a good time to make an announcement. Mark and I have been, and are, scheming and planning, and slowly putting into action new opportunities for this year and beyond. We are going to write some new chapters in the book of our lives.

Yes, we are still available for your learning and development contract opportunities. Of course, our established clients are always welcome to contact us for new projects.

We are excited about our new opportunites, and look forward to sharing them with you before the end of 2016. (Maybe by this summer!)

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Happy New Year 2013!

The Granit Dells, Prescott, Arizona

The Granit Dells, Prescott, Arizona

This morning, I went through my old January blog posts and re-read what I had written on previous new years. I wanted to get an idea of what to put in today’s post. I learned a few things.

  1. I’m not going to make any Resolutions.
  2. I’ll avoid making promises of what I’ll do this year.
  3. I’m going to focus on, and keep private, the 2013 tasks that are important to me.

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Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2012, everyone!

Yes, I’ve been a bit quiet this past year, on my blog, that is. I’m more active on Twitter, and somewhat active on Facebook. But, what happened?

Moving across state lines can be a huge endeavor, and it involves all kinds of adjustments for loved ones. In addition, I gained new clients, and that ramp-up work does take time to get used to new systems, and build trust and confidence in new business relationships.

Most importantly, our new community has a full schedule of fun events, as well as wilderness areas and national forests that begged us to explore the outdoors in Real World. I still pinch myself that I’m only a 10- to 15-minute drive from thick pine forests and lakes.

So, my blog fell silent in 2011.

What Did I Learn in 2011?

  • Moving across state lines is a huge endeavor. LOL
  • A cat person of many years can become a dog person when adopted by a wonderful canine
  • Some client projects are great “fits” and create long-term relationships
  • Some client projects are not a great fit, and it’s okay to move on/forward
  • Twitter is still a great networking tool for me
  • Still love and adore my iPad (Gen 1) and am convinced tablets can be a great mobile learning tool
  • My new, semi-rural, community has some great resources
  • Colleagues die and leave us with an emptiness inside. (RIP @TerrenceWing)

What Do I Hope for in 2012?

  • Master a few IT programs and platforms that have been on my To Do list for too long
  • Learn instructional design for mobile platforms (mobile learning)
  • Gain new mobile learning clients and projects
  • Connect with key people and resources in my community
  • Continue working with my wonderful clients and their projects
  • Regularly communicate with, and appreciate, colleagues and loved ones (life is so short)

Thank you for sharing journeys with me over the past few years.

I look forward to hearing about your new adventures in 2012!


Instructional Systems Design: Great List of Resources

ISD Resources on Del.icio.us

The Dells, Prescott, Arizona

The Dells, Prescott, Arizona

Happy New Year! We’re on the road again, heading down another 365 days of adventure. Let’s welcome 2010 with a great list of resources on instructional systems design. Admittedly, this list resides in my Ridge View Media Delicious account, so that raises the subjective question, “How “great” is this “great list” anyway?

The list is “great” and a helpful resource because it bookmarks the amazing research and published works of creative, effective, and wise instructional systems designers… known and perhaps not so well known.

Please surf through these links and let me know, via the Comments section, of other URLs you recommend. You’re a part of my Personal Learning Network (PLN), and I look forward to your suggested links.

Also, I’m open to your suggestions on how to better organize this Delicious list for easy scanning and retrieving of information.

What’s New on My Blog?

On a different note, 2010 ushers in a few needed (and long overdue) upgrades to my blog. I finally added a Subscribe widget and a Follow Me widget on the top right side, plus a Share widget at the bottom of each post. Yea, yea, I know… late to the party. So sorry. I was very focused on client deliverables, so my blog took a back seat regarding upgrades and enhancements.

Thank you in advance for subscribing to my blog!

Image credit: Me, in my car with my cell phone camera, driving through the beautiful Dells in gorgeous Prescott, Arizona. Good thing no one else was on Highway 89 at the time.


Happy New Year: Design e-Learning Like a Pro!

Life in the e-Learning Fast Lane

In honesty and full disclosure, my new year’s resolution is NOT to blog more often. I have another <secret> and more urgent professional topic. I may blog about that secret later. <evil grin>

However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t blog more often; I will. It’s just that other tasks need attention, first. My virtual or telecommuting freelance world is going well, and I’m learning a great deal. Those “learnings” will transform themselves into future blog posts!

One task I urgently need to do is WordPress housekeeping. So, for today and the new year, I want to highlight a wonderful blog post by (yet again!) Tom Kuhlmann of Articulate.

Tom, you truly inspire us with your rapid e-learning tutorials. Thanks for taking us to the edge of the envelope at the start of 2009!

Please click the image below to visit Tom’s post. I think he’s gently thrown down a friendly gauntlet, challenging us to follow in his steps!

(Or, click the link below.)