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Jenise Cook’s Videos on YouTube

I have created videos and published them on one YouTube Channel with various Playlists for Ridge View Media: for freelance writer, for instructional designer, and for creatives and travelers. Select this link to go to my YouTube Channel.

ELearning Portfolio Samples for Jenise Cook

Here’s the link to the Playlist related to instructional design and eLearning Development:

ELearning Portfolio Samples for Jenise Cook, Ridge View Media

Jenise Cook on Instructional Design

Two of my colleagues, the late Terrence Wing and Rick Zanotti of Relate Corp., interviewed me to record my thoughts on instructional design. These are long videos, so sit back in your favorite chair or hammock, with your favorite beverage, and enjoy!

Video Interview РeLearnChat 4: Jenise Cook on Instructional Design

My thanks to Rick Zanotti of Relate Corp. And, RIP Terrence Wing, our dear ATD (ASTD-Los Angeles, CA) colleague. You are still missed very much. (His Facebook page here: )

Live on LiquidLearn with Terrence Wing (My blog post from 2010. Terrence asked me to chat about instructional design.)


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