Ridge View Media (the name)

Why the Name Ridge View Media?

Ridge View Media
My Cook grandparents on their Yosemite honeymoon. Circa late 1920s.

Ridge View Media, my virtual consulting business, is named after my Cook grandparent’s former dairy ranch in Newhall, (Los Angeles County) California.

They built that dairy, Ridge-View Dairy, from the ground up only a few years before The Great Depression of the 1930s. They served their community by providing quality products, excellent customer service, and volunteer service to their community.

I started my consulting business in 2008, in their memory. My goal is to continue their traditions of quality, excellence, and service.

Who’s the Little Man in the Masthead Photo?

The masthead image is a vintage photo of my grandfather standing proudly in the pasture of his successful dairy. His dairy cows graze to his right.

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~Jenise Cook

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