One Simple Video to Welcome You to New Adventures

New YouTube Channel Visitors Get Welcome Message

I have a new video on my YouTube Channel‘s Home page, this one is for new visitors. As of 2016, I have retired from Instructional Design and e-Learning Development.

However, I’m semi-retired, moving into a new career!

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Please Complete My Survey for Estimating Training Time and Costs


How to Estimate Training Time and Costs (select here to read the blog post)

It amazes me how a blog post I wrote in 2010 continues to top the Stats in my WordPress Dashboard. After five (5) years, it’s the most popular blog post on my site.

I need your help so I can help my readers (including you).

Please select the link above to read the blog post (or, read it again), and then select the SurveyMonkey link at the top of the post’s page to answer 10 brief and easy questions.

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How to Find Your Happy Place with Free Stock Files free stock filesIf you work with media, you are probably already familiar with – if you aren’t familiar with them, I’m happy to introduce you!

e-Learning instructional designers and developers, graphic artists, Web developers, technical writers, video production specialists, voice-over actors, eBook authors and publishers, copywriters, advertising gurus…the list could go on for several more lines. I know that there are several terrific sites on the WWW for finding and downloading stock photos, illustrations, audio, and video files.

For years, I’ve stuck with because, well…they just make it easy for me to find, save to Lightbox, purchase, and download stock files. Awhile ago, they began sending emails to members highlighting free, high-quality stock files.

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How to Make a Glossary More Memorable and Less Boring

Boring Glossary?

Most glossaries are just the name of the term plus some text for the definition. And, that’s fine if your learners go to a glossary to take a quick peek at the term to refresh their memory. But, what if the terms are brand new to them? How can we replace “boring” with “engaging” when designing an online glossary?

Simple. Add contextual media that support the words used in each term’s definition. Choose illustrations, photos, and videos that will visually help your learners to remember the terms.

See It on YouTube

I have a video of this glossary on my (ad supported) YouTube Channel here:

Engaging Glossary of Terms:

  • Client Situation: The first glossary consisted of pages with only text for the definitions of each term. Boring! To make each text page more engaging, I added video snippets for some terms, photos on others, and used colorful illustrations for the rest. The contextual media on each page made the terms more memorable.
  • Tools: Engage ’13 (published for Web and HTML5), media comps courtesy of


As of April 2017, I have turned off comments on this blog post. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at info @ RidgeViewMedia . com Thank you for visiting!


Testimonials from Clients and Colleagues: New Page has a wonderful feature where clients and colleagues can write Recommendations. These Recommendations display on my LinkedIn profile. Over time, however, the site seems to “bury” the thoughtful comments people have written, making it difficult to find them.

Today, I compiled them into a PowerPoint file, saved to PDF file format. I created a new page titled “Testimonials” on the main navigation bar.

You can also read them right here on this blog post! (Thank you,