Mobile App Review: PhraseBoard

In early May of this year, I bought an iPad for my consulting business, and also because I was registered to attend mLearnCon, The eLearning Guild’s first annual mobile learning conference. As I continue to explore my iPad, I grow more and more excited about mobile devices in general, and what mobile learning can provide in the near future. I also will review mobile apps when I find an app that really gets me excited.

This week, I found an iPad app that, for me, demonstrates the amazing benefits that tablet devices will bring to society. When I saw this free app, I had to write a review.

PhraseBoard: iPad Medical Application

Imagine you’re in a hospital bed, or you’ve been in an accident, or a natural disaster. You’re unable to speak, yet you need to communicate with those around you: nurses, doctors, emergency personnel, etc. If the person attending you has PhraseBoard (currently, only for the iPad), you can use the touch screen to indicate your basic needs:

  • Answer “yes” or “no” to questions
  • Indicate your pain level and location, if any
  • Point to specific answers to specific questions

PhraseBoard also has a Custom feature that allows the device owner to enter and save phrases geared toward specific needs, such as “I need to see a … [add religious advisor or Chaplain]”, or, “I need a pepperoni pizza, NOW!” (That one is on my PhraseBoard.)

Video Demo of PhraseBoard

I’m not a videographer, but as a rank amateur armed with my Nikon CoolPix, I created a brief demo so you could see PhraseBoard in action….

PhraseBoard iPad App from JeniseCook on Vimeo.

Developer’s iPad App Web Site

Visit their site to learn a bit more about PhraseBoard. Remember, PhraseBoard is free.

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Happy New Year: Design e-Learning Like a Pro!

Life in the e-Learning Fast Lane

In honesty and full disclosure, my new year’s resolution is NOT to blog more often. I have another <secret> and more urgent professional topic. I may blog about that secret later. <evil grin>

However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t blog more often; I will. It’s just that other tasks need attention, first. My virtual or telecommuting freelance world is going well, and I’m learning a great deal. Those “learnings” will transform themselves into future blog posts!

One task I urgently need to do is WordPress housekeeping. So, for today and the new year, I want to highlight a wonderful blog post by (yet again!) Tom Kuhlmann of Articulate.

Tom, you truly inspire us with your rapid e-learning tutorials. Thanks for taking us to the edge of the envelope at the start of 2009!

Please click the image below to visit Tom’s post. I think he’s gently thrown down a friendly gauntlet, challenging us to follow in his steps!

(Or, click the link below.)