Adobe Flash SWF Scenarios Inside Quizzes

May 2016: HTML5 in e-learning has pretty much done away with Adobe Flash in online learning courseware development. Now, Flash is Adobe Animate CC (Creative Cloud). I’m leaving this post up because the project it describes was a personal “win” for me as I really stretched my skills as I learned to use Flash. Plus, I loved creating the personas and writing their dialog. Minor updates added.

e-Learning design and development typically includes the design of assessments (or quizzes). While working on an online compliance and business ethics course with the SME, I decided to bring work-related scenarios directly onto the quiz question screens.

The result worked great! The learners reviewed the scenario by clicking the back and forward buttons on the Adobe Flash SWF file, and then the learners chose the one best answer… all on the same screen. Our budget did not include audio nor video, but the engaging Flash interactions really added to the learners’ experience (per their course evaluations).

Click to view the quiz demo. Will NOT play on iOS mobile devices due to Flash.

Click to view the quiz demo. Will NOT play on iOS mobile devices due to Flash.

For the original client, I developed the course and the quizzes in SumTotalSystem’s ToolBook Instructor. However, for the past two years, I’ve been using Articulate Studio’s suite of tools (Presenter, Engage, and Quizmaker). I also use Adobe Flash and Adobe Captivate to create additional animated, engaging elements to import into Articulate Presenter’s course player.

So, while a recent project was out for review with the client, I decided to have some fun! What would the old ToolBook Instructor quiz look like as an Articulate Quizmaker ’09 assessment?

Curious? So was I, and I’m fairly pleased with the result. Click the image on the left to view the quiz demo in a new browser window. (Note: Contains Flash; not HTML5 compliant.)

In the learners’ eyes, assessments can be intimidating, dry, and downright painful to complete. When we design and develop engaging online courses, it’s nice to know we can carry those same elements into quizzes.

An engaged, excited learner is “Always Learning”, like me, and will gain improved performance and increased knowledge as a result. That should translate to the business’s goals and objectives, improving its performance as well.

I love what I do. Thanks for reading!


Quiz on Quiz-Authoring Software Programs

Instructional Systems Demi-god Mel Aclaro asked a question on regarding which quiz-maker software we prefer. I answered his question voting for Articulate’s Quizmaker. Mel posts the casual survey results here:

I’ll take a look at Questionmark’s product. However, I like the results I get from Articulate’s Quizmaker.

Like you, I’m “Always Learning” about new-to-me software products.

(Mel, BTW…very interesting use of Articulate Presenter for your online resume and portfolio!)

UPDATE, May 2016: Thank you for reading the above blog post! As of this update, I no longer use Articulate’s products, or work in the e-learning profession in general. My focus is now on writing. Visit for help with Quizmaker and other products.