How to Find Your Happy Place with Free Stock Files free stock filesIf you work with media, you are probably already familiar with – if you aren’t familiar with them, I’m happy to introduce you!

e-Learning instructional designers and developers, graphic artists, Web developers, technical writers, video production specialists, voice-over actors, eBook authors and publishers, copywriters, advertising gurus…the list could go on for several more lines. I know that there are several terrific sites on the WWW for finding and downloading stock photos, illustrations, audio, and video files.

For years, I’ve stuck with because, well…they just make it easy for me to find, save to Lightbox, purchase, and download stock files. Awhile ago, they began sending emails to members highlighting free, high-quality stock files.

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Articulate Storyline: Creating a Tabs Interaction – Composition Book Style

We here at recently purchased two licenses for Articulate Storyline. Many moons ago, I was invited to join the Beta, and on August 26th of this year, I did share a very old demo that I created way back then.

I’m continuing to build additional work samples to show what we could do for your e-learning projects. Here’s the latest, a Tabs interaction based on a Composition Book.

The Articulate E-Learning Heroes community had issued a “weekly challenge” for forum members to share their own Tabs interactions. Check out their ideas as they’re very creative!

You all inspired me very much! This was a busy week, but I worked on this little by little each day. I love Composition Books, and this Tabs interaction is based on that concept. Enjoy!


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Returning to Articulate Storyline for e-Learning Consulting Services

The screencast demo you see above (silent; no audio) is one I did around February 2012, when Articulate Storyline was still either in Beta (I was invited to join), or when it went live and I downloaded the 30-day free trial. I can’t remember, but I’m sure my “friends” in the Articulate Community will remind me.

Darling husband (and new business partner) and I are adding Articulate Storyline as a new tool to our e-Learning Services tool box. We look forward to your projects in 2014, if not sooner, and you’ll have two talented e-learning professionals now instead of one (but, not two for the price of one, are you kidding?)!

You can also see this demo on at the link below:



How to Determine Hourly Rates for Independent Consultants

Note: At the end of this post I refer to “Freelance Switch”. They have changed their company’s name to Envato. You can find their archived content here:

In this economy in the USA, more and more people are starting their own independent consulting businesses. Freelancers and freelancing are growing in numbers each year. So, it’s no surprise that an “old” presentation of mine is still popular. It receives a lot of Views and is “Favorited” often by other SlideShare users.

While I’m working on some upcoming blog posts, I thought I’d take time today to share my presentation on this page with you. The information is still true and current. The economy produces challenges for small businesses. But, hang in there. You can do it. Believe in yourself. Work hard. Good luck!

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