One Simple Video to Welcome You to New Adventures

New YouTube Channel Visitors Get Welcome Message

I have a new video on my YouTube Channel‘s Home page, this one is for new visitors. As of 2016, I have retired from Instructional Design and e-Learning Development.

However, I’m semi-retired, moving into a new career!

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Content & Design Dilemma

About this Blog…Status

For a few weeks, I left the previous post “first-page visible” for my nephew and his colleagues in his school district. And, while they checked out those wonderful online resources, I had time to contemplate my blogging navel.

“Always Learning”, I realized that a dilemma diligently dogged my approach to this blog:

The “Content vs. Design Dilemma”.

Intrigued by the opportunity to improve my CSS skills and learn PHP, I neglected content. Now, inside my WordPress Admin panel rest over 20 unpublished drafts of blog posts!


So, I’m returning to content, and I’m excited about that! I mean, what’s a blog without content? Design still awaits me as a project, and I look forward to changing the look of this blog. Plus, I need to update to WordPress 2.5.1, and plan to do that this weekend.

However, beginning today, my focus is on content, first, then design.

Yes, I’m “Always Learning!”


Social Identity & Reputation | Video of the Month 200805

The lovely month of May 2008, initiates The Video of the Month for this blog.

The video below is by VendAsta up in Canada. It reminds us all to create trustworthy social networking Profiles when we describe ourselves. And, to “trust but verify” when we add contacts to grow our professional networks.

Embedding a Video
How did I embed this video on my post? The screen shot below from the Codex FAQ page tells us all how:

Hat Tip on the video to Jay Thompson via his blog.